Atlantic Blowers Diffuser Line

Posted by Atlantic Blowers on Nov 24, 2019

Atlantic Blowers Diffuser Line!


Atlantic Blowers specializes in municipal, commercial, and residential aeration system components. We offer Disc Diffusers with a fine, medium or coarse bubble option. We also carry Fine Bubble Tube Diffusers. Our diffusers use EPDM and silicone membranes, which when compared to traditional stone diffusers can greatly reduce and even eliminate the risk of unintended back-flow of water into the airline, reducing fouling by 73%. Atlantic Blowers can provide a full solution for your next aeration project. With just a few parameters, our engineers can design a fully customized aeration array that will meet your demands, and ensure the longevity of the application.


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Our Products


Our range of products consists of Coarse, Medium, and FineBubble Discs; As well as Fine Bubble Tubes and Universal Diffusers Mounts. There are many different factors in determining which diffuser is right for your next project. Understanding our products and what they do is the first step in choosing the correct diffuser.



Coarse and Medium Bubble

Coarse and Medium Bubble Diffusers are best used in applications where mixing and agitation are the primary goals. Because the bubble created by these diffusers are comparatively larger than our other diffuser types they are perfect for suspending solids, agitating dense material, and maintaining a homogeneous mixture.


Fine Bubble Discs

Fine Bubble Disc Diffusers are the most efficient way to transfer oxygen into an aquatic environment. This is achieved because of the smaller surface area of the bubble produced. Having a smaller surface area increases the permeability of the fluid membrane and thus will yield a much higher oxygen transfer rate (OTR). We offer both an EPDM membrane, as well as a silicone membrane. These Disc Diffusers are suited for applications where increased oxygenation is crucial (i.e. wastewater treatment).

Fine Bubble Tubes

Fine Bubble Tube Diffusers are similar to the Fine Bubble Disc in that they share the same rate of efficiency and bubble size. However, there is an added advantage of a 360-degree aeration range. With 360 degrees of coverage, this diffuser will have a larger surface area in a tank than a normal Fine Bubble Disc. Tube diffusers, like discs, are also well suited for oxygenation applications (i.e. wastewater treatment).




Installation of our Fine, Medium or Coarse Bubble Disc Diffusers is made easy by using our Universal Diffuser Mount throughout your piping system. The Universal Diffuser Mount is made from durable polypropylene and provides a leak-tight seal. Install the mount by boring a 1.25" hole into the feeder pipe and gently tapping it into place with a rubber mallet. Keep tapping until the mount is flush with the feeder pipe. 


Our Tube Diffusers are designed with a 3/4" FNPT connection and include a separate 3/4" MPT nipple. Install by tapping a 3/4" bore with thread, and simply screw in the provided nipple. Finally, screw in the Tube Diffuser. 


Once installed it is recommended that the area is filled just above the diffuser line before putting air into the system. This will expose any leakage or faults in the installation. 





Our Engineers are available to answer any questions. We offer assistance with blowers, system pressure, system airflow, piping, and SOTE calculations. If you are having issues with your installation please feel free to contact us