Centrifugal Blowers

Model: ABC-600
Max. Flow (CFM): 1871
Max. Pressure (inches H2O): 17.6
Max. Vacuum (inches H2O): 17.6
Voltage/Phase: 220-275/380-480 Three Phase
Horsepower: 5
Decibels: 100

Atlantic Blowers' ABC-600 Three Phase/Single Stage Centrifugal Blower can be used for various low pressure, high airflow applications. The ABC-600 produces a maximum flow of 1871 CFM. The maximum pressure is 17.6 inH2O. The ABC-600 has a power output of 5 HP (3.7 kW) with speeds of either 3000 or 3600 RPM (50/60 Hz dual frequency). The voltage is 220-275/380-480 with an FLA rating of 13.3∆/6.7Y. Measuring at a distance of 3 ft. the blower will produce a noise level of 100 dbA. The inlet size is 10" and the outlet size is 5".

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