• Extend your warranty to 18 months
    Blower comes with Filter Canister and Element, Relief Valve, & Associated Piping
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    Complete Pressure/Vacuum Kits
  • Valves, Filters, Gauges and more
    Relief Valves
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    Blower Components
  • High Flow, High Pressure Applications
    Flow Range: 18 CFM to 1520 CFM Pressure Range: 22"H20 to 313"H20 Vacuum Range: 21"H20 to 236"H20
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    Regenerative Blowers
  • High Volume, Low Pressure Applications
    Flow Range: 190 CFM to 3,550 CFM
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    Centrifugal Blowers
  • Convey Extremely High Air Volumes
    Flow Range: 1,060 CFM to 16,951 CFM
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    Axial Fans

Key Features

Thermal Protection

All of Atlantic Blowers’ motors come standard with thermistors, devices that automatically shut down operation of the motor when the motor reaches a set temperature. The use of thermistors assists in decreasing continuous motor overload and motor burnout.

Sealed Bearings

Atlantic Blowers’ bearings are sealed bearings as standard. Sealed bearings allow for low maintenance and long lasting life by keeping particulates and unwanted debris out of the bearings.

Our blowers are “GREEN”

Our compressors, vacuum pumps, and traditional blowers are energy efficient, conserving energy by requiring less horsepower to produce greater pressure and flow helping to ensure low running costs.