Air Knife Drying Systems and Components

Air Knives and relevant accessories needed to make complete systems for drying, cooling, and all of your air knife needs

Air Knife Systems are...

High quality, blower-driven systems that provide clean, high-pressured air to a variety of products and
applications ranging from drying packaged cans and bottles to pre-paint blow-off and product cooling.
You can order our air knives in either 316 Stainless Steel or Aluminum with 2" or 3" connection diameters
and customizable lengths up to 96 inches. All of our air knives have an adjustable gap and the ability for
single, dual, or top inlets for a custom fit to any application.

Atlantic Blowers can provide all of the following components to create a complete air knife system:
- Air Knives and Support Brackets - Flex Hose and Hose Clamps - EPDM Sleeves
- Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) and Motor Starters - Relief and Check Valves
- Pressure Filter Canisters and Elements - High-Pressure Regenerative Blowers
- True and Double Wye Branches - Barbed/NPT Nipple, Tee, and Elbow Piping

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Air Knife Systems

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Inlet Diameter:


Air Knife Drying / Air Knife Blowoff

An air knife system is meant to blow off any remaining substance (such as dust, water or any other liquid or debris) from products on a conveyor. These products have typically been washed or have been dipped in a liquid that needs to be dried for packaging. This is where an air agitation blower comes into play. As the product moves down the conveyor it passes through the airstream to be dried.

Food Processing

Regenerative blowers can be used in the handling of delicate items, such as eggs in the food processing industry.