Tube Axial Fans

Atlantic Blowers Tube Axial Fans are made with the utmost quality and precision. Atlantic Blowers Axial Fans utilize a direct drive method, meaning the impeller is connected directly to the motor shaft, eliminating any need for belts and pulleys.

Tube Axial Fans Are...

Fans that move a large airstream along the axis of the fan, allowing the air to be pressurized by the aerodynamic lift generated by the fan blades, much like a propeller is used on an airplane. Our Tube Axial Fans are commonly used in “clean air” environments for low-pressure and high-volume applications. We offer fans in a variety of sizes ranging all the way from 8-inch to 32-inch blade diameters. Atlantic Blower's Tube Axial Fan design gives entering air a smooth transition, with the use of a properly designed inlet bell, resulting in a highly efficient axial fan with no vibrations or air pulsation.

Atlantic Blowers offers the following options for the Tube Axial Fans:

- Class 2 explosion proof motors [Ex d IIB T4 Gb]
- Normal rotation speed (3300 RPM) and Slow rotation speed (1720 RPM) denoted by an “S”
- Rotating stands with the ability to change the output angle and lock into place
- Lobed blades with adjustable pitch allowing operation over a much wider range of performance
- Locking caster wheels on models with 16” or greater blade diameter

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Tube Axial Fans

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Ozone/Vapor Extraction

The blower is being used to collect ozone and/or other vapors from a tank that can be used elsewhere.