Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fans are perfect for numerous industrial processes, commercial HVAC, and other applications which demand high volumes of air.

The Families of Centrifugal Fans Explained...

The ABCF-100 series fans are designed to be lightweight and portable. Each one of these fans come with single-phase motors which are foot mounted along with the blower for easy installation. The ABCF-200 series feature heavy-duty fans built for industrial applications. These fans use a forward curved, squirrel cage impellers coupled with a large, heavy-duty steel housing. These fans produce a large volume of air with steady pressure. The ABCF-300 series are built to produce a large amount of pressure. These fans produce a pressure range between 8" H2O-52" H2O. The ABCF-400 series are primarily used for very large volume applications. These fans utilize large squirrel cage impellers and steel housings to provide air volumes between 2,800 CFM to 13,000 CFM.

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Centrifugal Fans

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Material Conveying

Material is fed into the ducting from a hopper, and then conveyed down the pipe with the use of a regenerative blower.

Ozone/Vapor Extraction

The blower is being used to collect ozone and/or other vapors from a tank that can be used elsewhere.