Tube and Disc Diffusers

Atlantic Blowers' Diffusers are used in many municipalities and aquariums all over the world. All Diffusers, both disc and tubular style, possess a heat resistant EPDM membrane, attached to a body constructed from high-quality ABS plastic.

Tube and Disc Diffusers are...

Aeration products manufactured from high-quality materials to provide a leak-tight system, powered by our industrial regenerative blowers which offer a cost-effective alternative to compressor-driven systems. Atlantic Blowers develops diffusers with compression-molded EPDM and silicone membranes with the ability to be deconstructed, allowing for quick and efficient membrane replacements. All disc diffusers come with integrated check valves pre-installed, as a second line of defense, behind the EPDM membrane. The membrane acts as an automatic check valve that closes over the diffuser inlet when the air supply is shut off which prevents any unintended reverse flow. We also offer a Universal Diffuser Mount that can be used with a majority of our diffusers to easily connect multiple diffusers to an existing piping system. If you need assistance in choosing which products are needed for your aeration system, our team of engineers will be happy to help you create the perfect system for any of the following applications:

- Wastewater Treatment - Aerobic Digestion
- Water Oxygenation - Fish Pond Aeration
- Industrial Ecology - Water Purification

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A regenerative blower is being used to push air into a spa to create bubbles. Many of our smaller regenerative blowers can replace your current residential system with twice the efficiency.

Waste Water Treatment / Tank Aeration

Microorganisms in an aquatic system require oxygen to breakdown waste material. This process is just one step in waste water treatment that ultimately results in a clean water source. When using our regenerative blowers and diffusers for aeration, we can assure maximum oxygen transfer efficiency in any waste water system.