Direct-Drive Explosion Proof Regenerative Blowers

Typical Configuration for Single Stage (One Impeller) EX-PROOF Blowers

A Direct-Drive Explosion Proof Regenerative Blower is a blower that has the impeller mounted directly on the shaft of the electric motor. This is the most common configuration for a single stage Regenerative Blower as the blower housing has a standard IEC frame size that can directly connect to an EX-PROOF IEC motor. Only single stage Explosion Proof Regenerative Blowers can be direct drive.

Design Advantages:

  • Extremly low maintenance
  • Small footprint
  • Shorter lead times

Belt-Drive Explosion Proof Regenerative Blowers

Mandatory Configuration for Double Stage (Two Impellers) EX-PROOF Blowers

A Belt-Drive Explosion Proof Regenerative Blower is a blower that has the motor and the blower separate from one another, but run on a belt(s) and pulley(s). There are a couple of advantages of having this setup, one is that the speed or torque of the blower can be manipulated by changing pulley size. Also the conveyed gas is kept away from the electric motor increasing the safety of the unit. The option for a belt-drive configuration exists for both single stage, and double stage regenerative blowers.

Design Advantages:

  • Freedom to vary speed or torque
  • Motor does not need specific frame
  • Conveyed gas and motor are kept separate
  • Can be used for both single and double stage blowers

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