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Regenerative Blower Performance: Max. Flow Range: 18CFM to 1,519CFM Max. Pressure Range: 22"H2O to 313"H2O Max. Vacuum Range: -21"H2O to -177"H2O Regenerative Blower pressure and vacuum kits are available as a pre-packaged unit from Atlantic Blowers. The blower kit ensures that the blower is always conveying clean, dry air, and releasing excess back pressure or vacuum maximizing the longevity and performance of the blower. A kit comes with the regenerative blower, a pressure or vacuum filter canister, relief valve, and piping to connect these components to the blower. Also, purchasing a kit extends the warranty from 12 to 18 months. Which kit do you need? Easy! Do you have a pressure or vacuum application? A pressure kit is designed to work with any pressure application, a vacuum kit is designed to work with any vacuum application. All products, including regenerative blowers pressure and vacuum kits, are backed by Atlantic Blowers *EXTENDED* 18-month warranty

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